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This article first appeared on on July 2014.  Links have been disabled for stores that have closed.

Like most people, I only knew Idaho for its potatoes. After a weekend visit to Coeur d’Alene, I will always remember the area for its amazing & numerous thrift shops. Read on for a summary of thrift stores visited and what made them special.

Wigget’s Marketplace – Holy mother of Antique malls! This place was so big I had to visit twice. Two and a half floors full of vintage goodness gave me plenty of opportunities to find treasures, and that’s just what I got! On my first visit, I grabbed a 1970s time-life book from the Old West series, focusing on the Indians. On my second visit I scored both of Moebius Silver Surfer comics: my life is complete.

Coeur d’Alene Homes Auxiliary Thrift Store– This store wasn’t huge, but it had good variety and I found it to be the most affordable out of all the stores I visited. I scored an adorable 1970s Avon cream container for 50 cents! Another thing that set this store apart was a Pinterest sale: the store has a sale on items needed for Pinterest projects, what a great idea!

Cisco’s Gallery– You probably can’t afford anything in this store, I guarantee it. Still, the sheer volume and quality of the Western and Native American artifacts in this store make it a must-see if you are in Coeur d’Alene. Cowboy guns worth thousands of dollars, genuine Native American headdresses and a terrifying stuffed grizzly bear were among the many things that caught my eye. My favorite item: Japanese fishing glass balls that floated across the Pacific and were found intact by Alaska Natives.

Paris Flea Market (4th & Lakeside):  A tiny store across the street from Cisco’s, this place had charm oozing out the windows. The building still keeps the original room divisions, and the owners have taken advantage of this and selected themes for each room. Another thing that caught my eye were the lovely upcycled journals sprinkled throughout the store.

Fray – An funky store full of refurbished and up cycled furniture, this place was probably the most fun stop in my thrifting adventure. The best thing was the studio in the back where old furniture and goods were getting a splash of color. A friendly staff and awesomely decorated bathrooms added to the charm of this place. If I had come with a pickup truck I would have left with a lot of new-to-me, funky furniture.

Junk – Another store in the up cycled goods realm. Smaller than Fray, but give this place a go if you’re looking for a unique piece to add to your home. They also have adorable cups with their store logo.

Paris Flea Market (4th & Poplar) : Sister store to the other Paris Flea Market I visited, but with a much larger and antique mall layout. A TV in the middle of the store played My Fair Lady for all guests to enjoy. There were many historical items, old photographs and I even found a guy’s birth certificate!

Stores below are technically in Post Falls, Idaho.

St Vincent de Paul thrift store – I stopped here while I waited for another store to open, and boy was I glad I stopped by. Three lots (furniture, books/clothing & general goods) make up this humble but well-stocked thrift shop. The staff was very friendly and not at all concerned that I spent more than an hour and a half roaming the store. I left with a lovely Mexican rug, a digital frame (for $2!!) and several books.

My Favorite Things – Recommended by the owner of the B&B I stayed at, this place is comparable to Wiggets. Over 16,000 square feet of knicknacks and furniture fill this lovely antique mall. No matter what theme you are decorating with, I guarantee you’ll find something here at a great price.

These are only just a small sampling of the thrift stores in this area. If you find yourself in a thrifty mood while visiting northern Idaho, I suggest you give some of these a go!


Thrift Shopping in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho: Text
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