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June, 2023

About Us page for fictional stationary online store named We Heart Pens.

This online store is still led by its original founders and has a close relationship to its customers. They are proud of their scrappy beginnings and don't take themselves too seriously. 

Image by kaleb tapp
About Us page: Project


We Heart Pens started out as an underground pen exchange at Greendale community college. Our founders, Tina and Rico, were obsessed with finding high quality pens that looked sleek and fun.  Soon, their classmates started noticing, and wanted in on the action.

Tina made use of her background in online marketing to start a small online shop . Rico used his keen eye for design to source great pens from around the world. Their mission was simple, get the world the fun pens they deserve. 

The rest is history. After 5 years selling online, thousands of sales, hundreds of fans: We Heart Pens became the go-to place for eye catching pens. 

We Heart Pens....and we heart you too!

-Tina, Rico & the team

About Us page: About
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